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The Thought Process

This is a picture of me in my writing cave trying to come up with a fresh new word for the male sexual organ. Does it look like I'm succeeding?


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I need to get to work. STAT.

Damn. It's been a while since writing a blog post. But, in my defense, I've been busy. Quite busy. Okay, I promise to visit this place more. Updates: I've had a few books come out since I've last posted and a few re-edits and re-releases, namely, Boys of Banana Court. LOVE those boys. This series is full of intrigue, angst, fun, and sex.....yup sex. I'm good at sex....writing it that is! Anyway, please visit me soon to hear about all the upcoming new. Oh, and I revamped my blog a bit. What do you think?

St. Patricks Special

I'm on sale for one day only starting tomorrow! The Pump Series and other books too. Just search Alex Carreras.

Treating Blake

Darn, I'm way behind on posting. Sorry. Here's the cover to Treating Blake, my latest at Luminosity Publishing. This story is sexy, funny and has a sprinkle of suspense. Hope you like it! Please let me know what you think. It's sold at all the usual suspects. As always, I love you guys for buying any of my books. Cheers!