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The Stepbrother

Today is release day for The Stepbrother. To say that I am excited is a serious understatement. It's available from all the usual suspects.

Author Interview and Excerpt

The Nation's Capital

Damn the men are hot as hell in this city! Spent the day walking around (tripping around because I was looking at the guys instead of all the monuments!!!!) and enjoying all the sights. Nice to be back.


So far it's been a busy week and it is only Wednesday. Yesterday I finished final edits for my Sangre Trilogy which will be available from Wilde City Press next month. Also Siren has agreed to publish my sexy novella, Lost Then Found [McCloud Brothers #1] with a tentative release date for June or July of this year. I am so excited about both! On a sad note, Breathless Press has decided to close their virtual doors but I asked for my rights to Sun, Sand, Surf, and a Sling which I will be rewriting and then self publishing. I love this story and hope to give it just that much more the second time around! Okay, that's enough about me. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm off to write the second book for the McCloud brothers. Take care a be successful.

Gypsy's Wolf

French Cover for Astrally Yours

Look what I got today! I'm so excited that Astrally Yours will be available in French very soon. Here is the cover. What do you think. It's just different enough from the original.

Baby Rant.

Hey! My blog is tasteful and artistic! I might not be but this blog is. This logo for Astrally Yours is tasteful! Maybe this tiny rant will help with algorithms.