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The Men of PUMP 1: Grand Opening now at Amazon

Today is a joyous day because the first in my new series, the PUMP series is coming out. I LOVE these cast of characters. They are sexy young men with a whole hell of a lot of attitude. I had so much fun doing the research and writing this series I can't even tell you. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these guys!

Good News

Today I got the word that Uncontrollable Heat [Heat 6] will be published in November from Siren....pending a few revisions, of course. I need to get my Happily-Ever-After a little more convincing. Should be easy, right?
Unfortunately I haven't been in that HEA place lately but I owe it to my readers to have a super-wonderful mushy all lovey dovey HEA.  I can do this! Anyway, Cruising into Destiny: Commitment Ceremony will be available any day now so I am so damn excited. I LOVE this story! And I love the characters. I'm so glad I decided to do a sequel, Cruising into Destiny being one of my personal favs.
Okay, peeps, have a great weekend and stay safe. I have some blueberry Pop-tarts calling my name so I'm outta here. Hasta.