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Ad-Dick-tion 3 now available at Breathless Press

FINALLY! I wrote Sun, Surf, Sand, and a Sling over two years ago and it will finally be published July 5. I love this funny erotic story based on true events. Reserve your copy today by following the link posted below. Read my blurb at the website. Enjoy.

Writing from VA

A lot has been going on since leaving Florida for Virginia, a temporary move, I hope. Familial obligations have called me back to the Old Dominion, but the silver lining in the cloud is that a change of scenery has helped stimulate my writing....kind of. I'm plotting two books, one set here in NoVa and the other in my adopted hometown of Sarasota (actually Siesta Key). Today I am working on the sixth installment of the Heat Series which is set in Florida.

Let's see, what else?

Thankfully the sequel to Cruising with Destiny, one of my personal favorites, was accepted for publication by Siren. The working title is Cruising into Destiny: Commitment Ceremony, about, you guessed it, a commitment ceremony. You didn't see that coming, huh? Also I had the first installment of the PUMP series, The Men of PUMP: Grand Opening, edited by a wonderful new-to-me editor. She's awesome. Awesome! Although she questioned my use of the word "bud" for anus. Hehehehehe. I stand by…