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I love New Years resolutions, partly because I'm nuts and enjoy torturing myself. Here they are:

Stop eating treats! All treats! No ice cream, cookies, cakes, pancakes, any kind of cake, jelly beans, jelly babies, any kind of jelly anything. No stuff which the major ingredient is sugar! I have abused this evil crap for far too long and find I need to learn how to live without it.

I must go to the gym just a little more than I have lately. Physical fitness is a little different at this age.

I must stop the self deprecating voice in my head. I am NOT lazy you effing bastard living in my head!

Make new friends.

Write the Pump books and my YA. I will.....AM doing this! I am!

Push my writing further! Reach just that much more. Don't play it safe!

Be your own cheerleader and stop being everyone else's. Bottom line is, those people don't deserve my good-natured cheering. Fuck'em.

Basically, I will stop stress eating and believe in myself. Easy, right?
Not for me but I am …

New Cover

Tah dah! This is my new cover for Xander's Reluctant Mate with a release day of January 14th. Just returned the first round of edits yesterday. Publication should be coming soon.