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It's been a while since my last blog post so sorry but I've been really busy. Mostly good things and some not so good. Here is a good thing: my Grand Opening PUMP novel is now available in German and it's doing well. I'm totally chuffed, to borrow a British saying. Who woulda thunk? Another good thing is, I adopted a cute but horrible dog who goes by the name of Darcy. I LOVE her....except when she pees in the house. Kidding! I love her  even when she does that. That's what paper towels are for.  What else has been going on? Hmmmmmmm, my first novella Summer Heat hit 100 on the Gay list at Amazon. I guess all those more seasoned authors were right about that backlist thing they always told me about. Astrally Yours is doing well also and I have you to think. For those who took a chance on this gay mans attempt at writing science fiction, I hope I didn't disappoint. That's it for now! Back to eating cookies. Until next time.

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