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Sage Marlowe

Today I have the fabulous Sage Marlowe on my blog. I LOVE Sage, a great writer with great covers to match. Please welcome Sage to my blog with an insightful Q & A.

Cover for Arrested Heat.

Look what I got! And I love it. Do you? I surely hope so.

Story excerpt from Xander's Reluctant Mate.

Story excerpt from Xander's Reluctant Mate by Alex Carreras now available for pre-order at Siren Bookstrand.


Xander Jakande knew it was time to feed. His gut ached, and his muscles cried for sustenance, but his mind screamed its reluctance.

He doubled over and reached out in search of anything that would help him from toppling onto the cold, dark, shadowy street. Finding a wall, he steadied himself by taking in a few deep breaths.

Not too much longer.

An elderly woman approached dressed in black from head to foot, her walk nothing but a shuffle. “Señor, are you all right? Can I get you help?” she called in Spanish.

Telling himself to stand up straight, he nodded and forced a smile. “I am fine, señora. Just a little too much wine with my dinner. I’m not much of a drinker.” His credible excuse sounded more like an apology.

“Are you certain?” She stopped and ran a dubious eye over Xander, her head held high, alert and aware.

“No worries.” He dared a step, dropped his hand, then…

Xander's Reluctant Mate for Pre-order.

I love this day! Pre-order day! Xander's Reluctant Mate is now available at Siren. Get your copy and it will magically appear on your e-reader on January 14th. How cool is that? The link is below: