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Happy Birthday Gabrielle Evans

Please welcome the incredible Gabrielle Evans to my blog. Not only is it a special day because she's here, it is also her birthday! Happy Birthday, Gabrielle! And to celebrate her birthday there is a fricken' contest! Yahoo! Below is an excerpt and a compelling Q&A, please read on to see what makes this talented author tick. And remember to leave a comment for a chance to win ebook copies of Enchanted 1 and 2. 

Having a great day....ummmm. Yeah.

It's been a crazy day so I thought I would entertain myself with a few photos. Ain't I one sexy man? [place growl and head nodding in agreement here.]

                           Two thumbs up and very excited!

One thumb up and a little crazy.

Obviously entertained by my antics when I should be writing.

Gabrielle Evans

Here is a compelling interview about yours truly at the super fabulous Gabrielle Evans. You're about to learn many things.

Super sexy fun on the beach with a cop.
 Spanish vampires on a mission.
If the afterlife could only be this good.

Jana Downs