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Story and Adult Excerpts from The Count of Aragon

                                                                   STORY EXCERPT
“What’s up?” Adam asked, watching the muscle in Emerico’s jaw twitch. And is Leandro actually growling? “The Romani has declared war,” Emerico stated, stopping his jaw from dancing for only an instant. “We have found out that, tonight, they plan on killing vampires and humans alike by choosing the method, bathing by fire.” “You mean like the same way that I saw the other night outside the bar?” Jose asked, his voice jumping a few octaves. “Exactly,” Emerico answered. “They carry liquid accelerants with them, usually in a backpack or bag of some kind, and whip it out at the opportune moment. They click their fingers to make a spark and poof, up in smoke.” Adam swallowed. “They can click their fingers and start a fire?” This time Leandro answered what Adam had already figured out. “Just about. And the stronger ones can throw fireballs. Constantin…Nicu.” “Can you two do that? Throw fireballs?” Adam prayed that they…

Writing or Hiding?

A picture of me hiding away and writing, Allies with Benefits in the office.

Cover for The Count of Aragon.

Yesterday I received the cover for the first in my new paranormal m/m erotic romance series, The Count of Aragon and I absolutely love it! I was nervous due to a new cover artist was now designing my covers but, as you can see, I worried for nothing. What do you think?


Unfortunately, I have been a little busy with life and writing to actually write on my blog. Sorry. I love that I'm a busy writer but I hate ignoring my blog. Let's see, hmm, I will fill you in. Did first round of edits for The Count of Aragon set to release on October 4th. (My first paranormal!) Completed the second in the Aragon Series and submitted with good news.(Yippee!!!) Now I'm working on the third in that same series (Whew!) while plotting the 5th in the Heat Series. As you can see I've been a busy boy. I am also trying to go to the gym and have a life. (Not so successful on those endeavors.) Do you now understand why I have been ignoring my blog? You can always find me at Facebook.