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Release day for Siesta Heat.

What an exciting day! Today is the release day for Siesta Heat (#4) at Siren and Summer Heat: Back to the Farm (#3) is now available at Amazon. Below are the links so you can get a copy and the story excerpt for the Siren site!

Story excerpt from Siesta Heat:
Derek let out a whistle. “When you said boat, I pictured something powered by two oars. This is seriously one hell of a ride.” Cody laughed. “You are more than welcome to paddle your ass around in the gulf in a dingy, but you’ll have to do that on your own because I won’t be joining you.” “This will suit me just fine,” Derek returned with a wink, lifting a small cooler held in his hand. “I packed a few drinks and a couple of PowerBars, but I have a feeling this baby is fully stocked with something better than protein bars. Cody nodded. “Our maid took care of…