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Thoughts on 2015

So many things happened this year, some good and some…..Well you know how it goes. Let’s not focus on the bad because I’ll save those stories for “More Tales From the Pink Side”. Might as well make a few pennies on my sad and pathetic life.
Some of you might already know this news but this year I got a new publisher, Wilde City Press. In December, Rainbow Hill was published, a novel near and dear to my heart. It took me a while to write it but I did, which I am very grateful for. Something else that was damn cool in 2014 was that my PUMP novellas were translated into German and sold by my German publisher, Me and the Muse. I hope that I continue to do well in Germany! I bet Me and the Muse does too.
What are my plans for 2015? First, lose those pounds I gained while writing the Sangre Series (Coming soon from Wilde City!!!!!) and Boys of Banana Court (Also from WC!!!!! Oops, that’s a toilet in some countries.) Secondly, try not to focus on the bad things in life, I can’t control everything so I should stop trying to. Moving on to writing—a few weeks ago I started a project I’ve wanted to write for a long time but for some reason never did. It’s a YA, something I’ve never tackled before, but I’m up to the challenge. I’m not going to tell you what it’s about because I don’t want to jinx it. After that, I’m not sure where my mind will take me. I have so many things swimming up there so I’m positive I won’t suffer from writer’s block any time soon. Okay, enough about me. My hope for the New Year is that everyone reading this has a healthy and prosperous one. Be kind to yourself and those around you but also remember to nurture your soul however you choose to do that. I intend to.

Happy New Years Friends!!!!!! 
XOXO....that's old school for hugs and kisses for my younger readers. 


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