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I've been MIA lately. Have I been busy? Oh have I! Last Saturday I received the wonderful news that my novel, Rainbow Hill and my novella, The Boys of Banana Court will be published by Wilde City Press, a new to me publisher. When I received this email I almost fell out of my rolly office chair. To say that I was happy is an understatement. Rainbow Hill took me around 6 months to write and I prayed that someone would agree to publish the sucker. My prayers came true. As for BBC that took me two weeks but I had thought about it for two years but never got around to writing it. I plan to have three more in that series....maybe four. Let's see. I refuse to commit.
What's next? A paranormal trilogy! I love vampires and I do believe that I do write them well. My vamps are sexy and quirky and HAIRDRESSERS. How fun is that!?!? Well let me tell ya, it's FUN! Let's keep our fingers crossed that I can sell this series too.
I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
What's going with you? It doesn't have to be about writing. It could be about your new dog, (I got one around 4 months ago! Darcy! She's a monster and sheds everywhere but I love her.) your kids homework, you hubby's back hair, whatever. Just spill.
Anyway, I hope life is good for anyone who reads this post and I hope that it continues on that path. Cheers, Hugs, and Kisses from me to you.


  1. Congratulations on not one, but two wonderful acceptances by a publisher. The new paranormal series is sure to be great and look forward to reading them, as vamps are also some of my favorites! :)

    Good luck~ and happy writing! :)

    1. Thanks Lynn. And I know you can write Vamps big time.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm glad you didn't fall out of your chair when you got the email, you were entertaining enough as it was lol.
    Sexy vampire Hairdressers? Sounds amazing! and fun too
    my hubby doesn't have any back hair, but his hair is down his back, so is my son's, and he does have a hairy back! He's hairier than Alfie the greyhound actually lol

    1. Sorry about the first comment being eaten by Blogger monsters. They are scary sumabitches.

  4. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. Living the dream!


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