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Simone Sinna

Please welcome the exquisite and creative writer, Simone Sinna to my blog. Here  is some information and blurbs about her upcoming release on December 3rd, Were-Devils of Tasmania. Get your copy on pre-order today at the link below.

What can be more delicious than sexy were-wolves (yes I liked Jacob better than Edward in the Twilight series)?
Sexy were-devils that’s what! The second of the Were-Devils of Tasmania Series is out December 3rd with Siren Bookstrand: Were-Devils’ Revenge. Two new hot were-devil brothers are Mac and Mitch- and these guys really work out. They are sports teachers/instructors with dive and sail experience…Big Mac is built shall we say?
Enter new heroine, red head Gabriella Vitali… who is a quarter Ghost, that is Ghost Vampire Destroyers that Mac and Mitch want are seeking revenge against because their sister is dying courtesy of Gabriella’s cousins…
A curse from a doomed love torn apart by war and bigotry looks set to rebound, as Mac and Mitch, two were-devils, are intent on exacting revenge for their dying sister, against an ancient order of ghost vampires who infected her.
On ghost territory in tropical Queensland they come up against more than they bargain for−close encounters with the ghosts, a gathering of the ghost clan, and a matriarch with attitude, to say nothing of the feisty Gabriella who they have both fallen for before they realize she’s one of the enemy. Gabriella in turn finds herself torn between loyalty to her family and her love for two men from the enemy clan who are threatening to kill those she loves. As prophesized they are each faced with a choice that will either help end the curse or ensure it reverberates through generations to come. Will revenge or love triumph?

When I started the series I was inspired in a market place in Tasmania in the depths of winter by the plight of the Tasmanian devil. I come from a medical/science background so incorporating their lethal highly unusual contagious cancer seemed easy enough. But then I had to bring in the Ghost Bats (also called False Vampires, these are the real names of the bats- my sister lives in Queensland and hates them but I have a fondness for them…even more so now I spent so much intimate time with them!) and things started to get really interesting. Particularly when someone who looks like they’re the bad guy on the first one turns out to be the heroine in the third ( The Ghosts’ Return out in February). I hadn’t realised when I started writing that it was actually going to be about racism and bigotry. I managed to get the lethal Hendra virus into the mix as well, to say nothing of an explanation of history with a difference. Then in the final story paternalism, sexism and some time travel all get a look in (The Ghosts’ Release). Sound serious but don’t panic, all very much in the background and the place, romance and storyline are up front and centre! I’ve just finished the fourth so the next two should be out early next year! It has I have to say been Loads of Fun. And loads more action and story (to say nothing of hot sex and romance) than in Twilight.


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