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Release day for Siesta Heat.

What an exciting day! Today is the release day for Siesta Heat (#4) at Siren and Summer Heat: Back to the Farm (#3) is now available at Amazon. Below are the links so you can get a copy and the story excerpt for the Siren site!

Story excerpt from Siesta Heat:

Derek let out a whistle. “When you said boat, I pictured something powered by two oars. This is seriously one hell of a ride.”
Cody laughed. “You are more than welcome to paddle your ass around in the gulf in a dingy, but you’ll have to do that on your own because I won’t be joining you.”
“This will suit me just fine,” Derek returned with a wink, lifting a small cooler held in his hand. “I packed a few drinks and a couple of PowerBars, but I have a feeling this baby is fully stocked with something better than protein bars.
Cody nodded. “Our maid took care of it already.”
“Oh, she did, did she? Well, I packed this myself. The maid had the day off,” Derek joked. “Here,” he said, handing it over.
Through the safety of his sunglasses, Cody took the cooler but focused instead at Derek’s perfectly round, meaty shoulder and sinewy arm attached to the cooler, covered in a down of curling, pale-cinnamon colored hair. He had to fight the urge to continue looking or they would miss the sunset, Derek’s body in a white, ribbed tank leaving nothing to his already active imagination. He swallowed. “Let me help you on.”
Derek reached for Cody’s hand, the contact sending an electric-like current racing throughout every cell in his body, and when he leapt onto the boat, the smell of a fresh shower and musk filled his nostrils. If he didn’t have sex with this man soon, Cody thought, this was going to be one long and torturous evening. Not exactly the kind of evening he had in mind.
“Where’s your family? I didn’t see anybody in the driveway.”
“Mom’s probably at the club, and Dad is still in Switzerland.”
“Switzerland, huh. I’ve never been to Europe. Matter of fact, this is the farthest from Virginia I’ve ever been.”
“Are you serious?” Cody answered. “I’ve traveled to every continent except Antarctica, and I don’t think I’ll add that one to my list. Ever.”
“Let me admit something to you. This is my first ride on a boat, and the first time I’d ever laid eyes on a beach was when I moved here.”
Cody’s mouth fell open. “What did you do when you were a kid? No family vacations, no road trips to the shore…nothing?”
“I went to Kentucky once when I was around twelve. My Aunt took me in for the summer. It was a good summer.”
“What do you mean, ‘took you in’? Where were your parents?”
“Don’t know, Cody. They could’ve been five miles away, or five hundred. I never really knew.”
“Did they travel for a living?” Cody asked trying to make sense of what he was hearing.
“Basically they were migrant workers, when they weren’t vagrants. I wasn’t lucky like you. I was raised by many different people. Mostly foster parents and distant family, but only when they felt like doing a good deed. It never lasted.
Looking at this tall, strong man with intense jade eyes, he tried to imagine him as a small and vulnerable boy. Cody’s heart crumbled.
“Was it just you…I mean,”—he paused and swallowed—“do you have siblings?”
Derek nodded. “Jared.”
“Where is he?”
“Virginia. He’s two years older than me.”
“Thank God you had somebody.”
“Thank God is right. He’s done his best to keep me straight.”
“Straight?” Cody joked.
“You know what I mean.”
“Good, because I would’ve told you to get off my boat if that was the case.”
“He’s gay, too,” Derek said, almost as if his brother’s sexual orientation was an afterthought.
“Genetics. I strongly believe there is a gay gene.”
“I don’t know about that, but what I do know is, I like dick, and so does he.” Derek shrugged his shoulders.
“Gene or no gene, I’m with you.” Cody answered, starting the ignition and maneuvering the craft from the dock to deeper water.
Out of the corner of his eye, Cody watched Derek, his face lifted toward the sun, welcoming his new experience head on. Derek smiled, exposing naturally white teeth. “This is incredible.” He turned gazing in every direction. “I can’t believe the amount of wealth here,” he commented, referring to the numerous mansions littered along the shoreline. “This place is what I dreamed heaven would look like when I was a kid, and now I’m living in it.”
“Funny. I think of it as more like hell.”
“You don’t know hell, Cody. Whatever’s bothering you, you can change it, but this is no hell. Believe me. I know hell.”
Derek’s observation, although na├»ve, filled him with hope. He was right. He could make his life better, but how could he get what he wanted most, his parents’ love and acceptance? For some reason, he felt it was a lost cause.
“Hey, you got a beer in that cooler?” asked Cody, pushing thoughts of his parents away.
“Water and Diet Coke. Not much of a drinker.”
Damn. No chance in getting him loaded so he could shoot his load. “Pass me a water.”
He wasn’t thirsty, but he felt like he needed to ask for a drink so Derek didn’t find his question suspicious.
Derek opened the cooler and retrieved the bottle of water and walked it to him, handing it off and brushing his forearm against his. Suddenly Cody was thirsty.


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