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Summer Heat: Back to the Farm - Heat 3 is now available. Story excerpt.

Now available from Siren! The new installment of the Heat Series.

Summer Heat: Back to the Farm (MM)
Heat 3

By: Alex Carreras | Other books by Alex Carreras | Notify me of Alex Carreras's new releases
Categories: Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary, Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 20,462
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 12th.
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]
Returning to the farm where they first met, Hunter Cross and Travis Mitchell prepare for a weekend of family fun celebrating the upcoming wedding of Andrea and Bill, Hunter's mother and Travis's uncle, while also reuniting with Jaxson Mitchell, Travis's cousin, and his new boyfriend, Dr. Chase Cameron. What they get instead is a less-than-friendly welcome from Jared and Derek Johnson, brothers working on the farm that have secrets about the past, especially Hunter's.
Fighting for their love and their lives, Hunter and Travis once again prove their love is as strong as the day they first met a year ago while working in the oppressive summer's heat of Virginia. Introducing two new characters to the Heat series and reuniting the characters of the first and second, the normally sleepy, Southern farm transforms into a place where dreams are made but could be just as easily broken.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Story Excerpt:


Travis scrolled through the messages and found the one he was searching for.
I C U. I need U.
“Fucking bastard,” he whispered under his breath. “I’ll kill him.”
“What was that?” Hunter yelled from behind the closed bathroom door.
“I’ll be out in a minute, and then the shower’s all yours.”
“Okay, but I need to do something first.” Travis texted back a response.
Where ru?
He waited for only a second.
Calf shed.
Hunter opened the door and poked his head through, the lower half of his face covered in a blanket of white shaving foam. “Hey, don’t be too long. Your parents are coming early to hang out, and I’d prefer you to be there. I like them, but I’m not so sure your dad likes me. He’s kind of intimidating.”
Travis chuckled. “Oh, that explains it. I was wondering why you were shaving. Trying to make a good impression, huh? You usually wait until you have a good week’s worth of scruff before you shave.”
Hunter disappeared. “Just don’t be late, please.”
“I won’t.”
He replaced Hunter’s phone on the nightstand and headed for the calf house. He stopped short, having one last thing to do before meeting Derek. “Hunter,” he called.
“Dad intimidates everyone, including me,” he said jokingly. “But he does like you,” he finished before racing down the stairs and out of the house.
He didn’t know what he would say when he came face-to-face with Derek, but he would find out soon. He slowed to a jog when he reached the open door of the shed and then stopped and took a deep breath, attempting to control his anger. He stepped inside and blinked, waiting for his eyes to adjust.
“Travis.” He heard Derek before he could see him. “What do you want?”
Derek didn’t bother with niceties.
Before he knew what he was doing, Travis lunged at Derek, taking him by his shirt collar. So much for controlling his anger. “For starters, you can stay the fuck away from Hunter.”
Derek delivered a blow to Travis’s chest, knocking him into the boarded slats of a pen. Calves scampered and began to cry. He pulled himself up with the help of a wood post. “I saw the text, Derek.”
“So what? I came across you two banging away by the river and stopped to watch. You put on such a good show, and I thought I wouldn’t mind getting in on some of the action and wondered if Hunter was up for some…again.” His left brow arched, and his mouth kicked up into a smirk. “I almost forgot how good he looked naked. Almost.”
Travis charged. They landed on the dirt floor and rolled. Travis straddled him between his clenched thighs and took his aim. He pulled back and punched. Travis’s right fist seared with pain as it met Derek’s jaw, but he was sure Derek’s jaw hurt more than his fist.
Derek wrestled and slid out an arm and punched, crossing Travis with a powerful left hook. His body went limp, seeing stars. Derek made his move. He forced Travis onto his back, pinning him. Travis fought back, but Derek’s hulk and weight were too much for him. Travis spat with rage, hitting Derek in the middle of the forehead. “Hunter’s mine. He didn’t want you, remember? If he did, that would’ve been you fucking him this morning. But it wasn’t, was it?”
Derek roared and pulled back as Travis closed his eyes and waited for contact. Instead, he felt a huge weight lifted from his chest.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
Travis opened his eyes and saw Jared wrestling his brother.
Derek attempted to squirm free of his grasp.
“Get the fuck off me!” he yelled, still struggling against his brother’s viselike grip.
“Have you lost your mind?” Jared yelled. “Calm your stubborn ass down.”
Seeing his chance, Travis stood and brushed the dirt from his clothes. “I don’t have any issues with you, Jared, but tell him to stay away from Hunter.”
“He will, you can make damn sure of it.”
Derek pushed himself free from Jared’s grasp. “Both of you can just go to hell,” he scoffed before storming past Travis and out of the shed.
Jared straightened his spine, pulling at the bottom of his T-shirt. “Look, I’m sorry about that, but I beg you not to say anything to Bill about this. I need…” he paused and cleared his throat. “We need this job. My brother gets confused sometimes, and he doesn’t know when to stop.”
Travis accepted Jared’s explanation, for now. “Just make sure he leaves us alone. This weekend is a happy occasion, and I want to remember it that way. I don’t want to make trouble for you, Jared, but…”
“No trouble, and I’m sorry, okay?”
“Okay.” Travis nodded, starting to walk out but stopped short and turned to face Jared. “And I won’t tell Bill if you won’t mention this to Hunter. We got a deal?”
This time, Jared nodded. “Deal.”


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