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I have to admit, I have been such a slacker lately. I drove over to the east coast of Florida to visit a friend and have done hardly any writing at all. This morning I did get up to read what I recently wrote, and started to rewrite what I wrote. Tighten the prose and all of that good stuff. Man do I overuse the word that when writing....probably one of the many words I overuse or just plan use incorrectly. Thank God for editors with English degrees.

Tomorrow I will have no time to write because I am going to South Beach for the day, and then to the airport to pick up another friend and her baby. Oh well. I can write when I get back this coming weekend. Plus South Beach is a great place to get my imagination flowing and my sexy mind going. Loads of inspiration on that beach. Yum.
Okay friends and readers, have a great rest of the week and I promise the next book will be getting to you soon.


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